Set author tag automatically to the right name in Eclipse

If you want to set the @author tag via Code Templates, you probably want to configure the name behind the tag. By default Eclipse takes your account name of your OS. If you want to set another name, you have to edit the eclipse.ini and add the following line:

Now your name will appear behind the tag.

[m2eclipse] Start Eclipse with JDK instead of JRE

If you install the m2eclipse Plugin for the  Maven Integration in Eclipse, this Error could possibly be shown in the Eclipse console:

Eclipse is running in a JRE, but a JDK is required
Some Maven plugins may not work when importing projects or updating source folders.

If you have this issue, you should edit your eclipse.ini and add the following lines (on a Windows System) :


Now your Eclipse should use the JDK to run with and the m2eclipse plugin should be happy.